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Backed by a thudding bass beat, dozens of invaders from another world descended on our planet in 1978. Within months, Space Invaders was one of the hottest fads on the globe, helping propel the video arcade into a multi-billion dollar industry.

The invasion began in Japan. Programmer Toshihiro Nishikado took the classic sci-fi riff of alien invasion and transported it to the video screen. The otherworlders, arranged in a tight row and column formation, marched left and right across the screen, dropping down one level each time they hit the side. You controlled a lone laser base, defending the planet by firing back at the hostile armies. You could also move left and right, using four convenient shields to play a dangerous game of fire and retreat as the aliens unleashed their own laser assault.

As the invaders were knocked out one by one, their march grew faster and faster, until a lone invader sped across the screen. If you managed to hit them all, a new wave of invaders would take to the sky. But if the baddies hit ground zero, it was game over for you and for the Earth.

When Taito released Space Invaders in Nishikado’s homeland, the game caused a national furor. Hundreds of thousands of Space Invaders machines were produced, and the game’s popularity caused a shortage of 100-Yen coins. When restaurants complained that customers were playing instead of eating, Taito simply supplied them with sit-down cocktail cabinets, further fueling the Space Invaders hysteria.

Space Invaders eventually lost its arcade supremacy to later hits like Asteroids, Centipede and Pac-Man, but these games might never have made the big time without Space Invaders’ breakout success. The energy and fan mania that Space Invaders brought to the arcade were instrumental in creating the video game business as we know it today, and its legacy lives on in every space shooter that has arrived in its cosmic wake.

Release History

1978 - Space Invaders
1980 - Space Invaders II (Deluxe Space Invaders)
1985 - Return of the Invaders
1991 - Super Space Invaders (Majestic Twelve)
1995 - Space Invaders '95


Programmer Toshihiro Nishikado


Midway Deluxe Cocktail Wiring Schematic (.gif image, 53K)
Midway Deluxe Cocktail Power Supply Schematic (.gif image, 29K)
Midway Deluxe Cocktail Power Supply Layout

Midway Deluxe Cocktail Mother Board Layout (.

Midway Power Supply Schematic

Midway Monitor Schematic

Midway Space Invaders Cocktail Logic Schematic PDF - Thanks Mark!!! Right Click To Download, Will Not Open In Browser

Midway Connector Pinouts, 5

Midway Board Dip Settings5K)

Midway Deluxe Board Dip Settings

Midway System 8080 Boardsets Info

Midway How To Test For Bad Ram

Midway Hum Bar Monitor Fix

Fixing Sound Problems

How To Use A Color Monitor In Space Invaders

How To Test A Midway Power Supply

Backdoor Sheet


Taito Space Invaders Upright To Cocktail

Taito Space Invaders 2708 to 2716

Taito Connector Pinouts (.gif image, 113K)

Taito Dip Switch Settings (


.txt, 2K)


Midway Space Invaders Manual

Midway Space Invaders Deluxe Manual

Midway Space Invaders Schematics (.tif images, 1,423 KB)

Midway Space Invaders Deluxe Schematics (.pdf, 1,925 KB)

Midway Space Invaders/Space Invaders Deluxe Pinouts

Midway Space Invaders 2 Cocktail Manual
(Includes Schematics + Same PCB's as SI Deluxe)


Taito Space Invaders Cocktail Manual (.zip with .html files, 189 KB)

Taito Space Invaders Trimline Manual (

Taito Space Invaders Upright ('L' Shaped) Board Schematics
(Includes sound board schematics for 25S10 & 74151 versions)
.zip with .pdf, 3,425 KB)

Taito Space Invaders Part II Cocktail Installation and Parts Manual (.pdf, 1,635 KB)

Taito Space Invaders Part I and II Schematics [3 Layer Boards ONLY] (.pdf, 3,033 KB)

Taito Space Invaders Part I and Part II Pinouts [2/3 Layer Boards] (.pdf, 63 KB)

Taito Space Invaders Part I ('L' Shaped) Upright pinouts [L-shaped boards] (.pdf, 63 KB)

Taito Space Invaders Credit Board DIP Switch Settings   (.pdf, 41 KB)

Taito Tabletop Video Game Glass Mask Layout Diagram


Intruder Schematics (Bootleg Space Invaders Similar To Taito Tabletop Part I Set) .doc, 7 



Space Invaders Roms

Space Invaders Part 2 Roms

Space Invaders Deluxe Roms


Space Invaders SNES Roms 

Space Invaders Samples Roms

Human Space Invaders Video
 (.txt, 2K)

3-D View Of The Cabinet

HitNHide Space Invaders Video

Ken Ishii Space Invaders Video

Space Invaders Are Back Video

I Love 80's Space Invaders Video

Player One Space Invaders Video

Uncle Vic Sings Space Invaders Song

The Space Invaders Robot Chicken Video


Explosion (

Shoot image, 53K)

Invader Killed (.gif image, 29K)

UFO Sound 1 (.gif image, 53K)

UFO Sound 2 image, 55K)

Fast Invader 1 (.gif image, 53K)

Fast Invader 2 (.gif image, 29K)

Fast Invader 3 (.gif image, 53K)

Fast Invader 4 (.txt, 2K


General Midway Information

USA Taito, 2003        

        Japan Taito, 1978

USA Midway, 1980 (front)   USA Midway, 1980 (back)   USA Midway, 1979 (front)

USA Midway, 1979 (back)   USA Midway, 1979   USA Midway, 1978

France Midway, 1978   USA Midway, 1978 (front)   USA Midway, 1978 (back)

USA Midway, 1979   USA Midway, 1980    

USA Taito, 1979       USA Taito, 1979 (front)

USA Taito, 1979 (back)   USA Taito, 1980    


USA Taito, 1994 (front)   USA Taito, 1994 (back)   Universe Affiliated International, 1979

 Taito, 1979        


p with, 7 KB)
SI  Animated GIF











Space Invaders Collectables

Play Notepad Invaders

Space Invaders Wall Art Site 1

Space Invaders Wall Art Site 2

Space Invaders Invasion

Space Invaders- The original classic arcade game from 1978. Many tokens, quarters and yen were abducted by this great addictive game.




Taito Deluxe Space Invaders- The follow up to the original had some invaders that did very annoying things once you shot them, they would split in two. This version featured the invaders in COLOR! Which was considered very new at the time.




Midway Deluxe Space Invaders- Licensed to Midway by Taito.
Space Attack II




Cosmic Monsters




Space Invaders '95- The wackiest and most original Space Invaders! A cartoony satire on the invaders games. Very fun to play. Features power ups, weird invaders and settings. You HAVE to try this game.




Invaders Revenge- An original take on the Space Invaders hardware. Basically you are piloting a ship that is trying to destroy space invaders that are attempting to steal your energy from the bottom of the screen. Once one of them succeeds they skip back up to the top allowing the mothership to drop a bomb at you.




Space Invaders (color version)




Alien Invasion




Space Invaders DX- The kind people at Taito did a wonderful thing by collecting the most poplular Space Invaders games and putting them in one machine. And throwing in a dual action game where you battle on a split screen with a friend. Each person starts with their own row of invaders but some invaders are color coded. Once you hit one of these color invaders they either drop down one row or it sends the row over to your opponent or switches sides with your opponent, which can be frustrating when you are about to clear the board.




Space Fever




Space Intruder




Super Earth Invasion




Super Space Invaders/Majestic 12- A tremendous update to the original. New invaders to battle on new planets and all new power ups. Some levels have vertical scrolling while others feature the invaders spinning in a circle above you. Includes boss levels and cool music. Try this one!




Space Invaders NES version- Space Invaders comes home to the Nintendo Entertainment System.




Space Invaders Atari 2600 version- Probably the most popular Atari 2600 cartridge. Responsible for making the Atari 2600 one of the most wanted items that Christmas. It also allowed many kids and families a chance to play Space Invaders that didn't get a chance to play in the arcades.

2600 Invaders featured many variations on the Space Invaders game. Dual players, invaders firing curved shots, invisible invaders, etc.

January 7th, 1980:  "Space Invaders" debuts on Atari 2600.
  Programmer Rick Mauer earns only $11,000 for the game, which
  grosses over $100 million.  By comparison, the programmer of the
  Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man was paid $1 million for what is
  commonly regarded as the worst Pac-Man adaptation ever (at least
  by people who haven't played "Munchkin" for the Z-100 running CP/M).




Midway Space Invaders Boardset


SpaceInvaders.jpg (37461 bytes) SpaceInvadersA.jpg (36432 bytes) SpaceInvadersB.jpg (40721 bytes)


Midway Space Invaders Power Supply

OldSupply.jpg (33880 bytes)



Taito Space Invaders Power Supply


TaitoPowerSupply.jpg (402006 bytes) 


Taito Space Invaders Cocktail Control Panels


TaitoSpaceInvadersArcadeCocktailControlPanels1.jpg (402006 bytes) 


TaitoSpaceInvadersArcadeCocktailControlPanels2.jpg (402006 bytes) 






To the left are some Space Invader Icons for your desktop. Enjoy!

NOTE: These are windows icons - If you are interested in converting these icons into Macintosh icons, please let us know.

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The reason for this page is to help other Midway Space Invaders owners.



My Arcade (including Space Invaders 8 In 1 Multi Kit):


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Space Invaders Multigame Kit

Braze Technologies
Innovative solutions for the "classic" arcade collector

"Space Invaders Multigame" is an easy to install kit that extends your Midway Space Invaders or Midway Space Invaders Deluxe boardset to play 8 games. . If you need the bin file for the Braze Midway Space Invaders Multi kit, or your file is corrupt, you need to burn another eprom. Here's the solution to the dilemma.. T803d.bin is the latest software code for the Braze midway SI deluxe and SI kits. When you download this code, it's 128kb so you need to double up the image to install it onto a 27C2001 (32 pin eprom). An MX27C2000 eprom also works for this image file. It's good to keep this image handy. I'll tell you why.. If you accidentally plug your kit in backwards for any reason, it will take out your eprom immediately. Your kit will be caput until you get another eprom and install this image to make your kit work again. Click the link below:

Space Invaders Multi Bin File

Space Invaders
Space Invaders Deluxe
Lunar Rescue
Galaxy Wars
Jatre Spectre
Balloon Bomber
Space Laser
Super Earth Invasion

Plus many extras features such as Free Play, High Score Save, power-up Diagnostics, on-screen configuration Settings, and a interactive test-mode.


Space Invaders Multigame Kit

Kit installs in minutes! No soldering or special skills needed. No special wiring or switches are needed! Switch between games by simply pressing both the player-1 and player-2 start buttons at the same time. A game selection menu will appear.

Includes on-screen game configuration settings and high score save for all games.

This is must have for any Space Invaders owner!

                          Purchase The Space Invaders Multi-Kit HERE

I Love This Kit!


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PCB Repair


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The Grandfather Of

Video Game Supplies And Info

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Rich Has Great Space Invaders Reproduction Parts For Sale!

Visit Rich At His Site HERE


New Space Invaders Metal CPO With Raised Letters Is Also Perfect!

100_0588.jpg (260233 bytes) 100_0593.JPG (142396 bytes) 


New Reproduction Orange Moon!

New Moon Is Nice and Bright!

Old         New

100_0566.jpg (52920 bytes) 100_0566a.JPG (37976 bytes) SIMoon.jpg (51025 bytes)

New Colored Film!

In the pics below, the Top Is the Old Part, Bottom Is the New Part.

It's Nice To Take Off The Old Film And Clean The Monitor Really Good.

100_0579.jpg (178841 bytes) 100_0582.jpg (70537 bytes)


Cabinet Stencil Sets 


Bezel Overlay


New Midway Coin Door Inserts Too!

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Light Bulbs

This light is a 15 watt black light fluorescent tube with white glass. It is tubular shaped with a glass diameter of 1 inch, a G13 base and an overall length of 18 inches. It is rated at 7,500 life hours.

General Electric F15T8-BL

The BL Stands For Black Light

It's A Known As A "White" Black Light

Buy it HERE



  The 5 Bezel Lights

The originals are #1895 bulbs.

Buy it HERE

Or you can use #57 bulbs. They are a near exact replacement.

Buy it HERE


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Get New White Buttons HERE

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How To Play Space Invaders


10 pointerLearn How To Play Space Invaders10 pointer

10 pointerGame info, tips & tactics - Space Invaders10 pointer

flashing shipGame info, tips & tactics - Space Invaders Part IIflashing ship

30 pointerSpace Invaders Emulator Information30 pointer


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