Taito Space Invaders 2708 to 2716 Conversion

The diagram below describes the jumper configuration for the Taito Space Invaders 3-set ROM board that uses 5 x 2716. This allows the ROM board to be used with either the original 'CV' Space Invaders or 'PV' Space Invaders Part 2 plus a few other games that use this hardware.

It appears that the two capacitors retro-fitted on top of IC's 13 and 15 need to be moved as indicated in the diagram.

I also believe that the decoupling capacitors (indicated by the red 'XXX' on the diagram) should be removed.

On this board 2532's can be used instead of 2716's as a drop in replacement.

The blue jumpers can be applied to enable the sixth ROM position (at IC31) for games that require 6 x 2716. At the time of writing I haven't tested this sixth socket configuration.