Warlord's Cocktail Restoration


(pics at bottom)


Outside Of Cab Was In Near Perfect Condition

Board Repaired By Alex at Elektron Forge

Stripped Cab Completely Bare

Cleaned Entire Cab Inside and Out

Cleaned Entire Wiring Harness

Repainted Control Panels

Repainted Legs

Repainted All Metal Grills

Repainted Coin Door

Repainted Coin Box

Repainted Power Brick

Repainted All Metal Parts Inside

Repainted Brackets Around Top Glass

Repainted Monitor Brackets

Repainted Coin Counter

Painted Bottom Of Cab

New 14 Inch Monitor (From Commodore 1084)

New CPO's

New Plastic Spinner Knobs

New Black Button Cones

New T-Molding

New Tinted Plexi-Glass

New Atari Decals

New Big Blue Cap

New Locks

New Instruction Sheet Printed

New Light Bulbs For Coin Door

New Zip Ties & Wire Ties

New Smooth Slide Leg Levelers

New Plastic End Caps For Legs

New Speaker

New Foam Insulation Around Control Panels

New Foam Cushion For Audio Board

New Detachable Power Cord

New Fuses

New Bolts, Nuts, Screws & Washers


Works And Plays Great!

Just Need to Make A Cardboard Monitor Shroud

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