Cocktail Registry

If you are one of the lucky few to own one of the

greatest games ever made let me know!

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According to Atari Documents, only 1253 cocktail units were made.


Brian Saur   Serial Number 34  Newbury Park, CA

Tom Connor    Serial Number 105   Huntington Beach, CA

Greg Salahi   Serial Number 246   Austin, TX  PIC

Brent Cobb    Serial Number  261    Las Vegas, NV  PIC

Daryl Anderson   Serial Number 430  St. Helens, OR PIC

Chris Rhoades   Serial Number 506  St. Helens, OR PIC

Andrew Davidson   Serial Number 654  NH PIC

Jeff Prescott    Serial Number 692  Glen Allen, Virginia PIC

Jerry Stover    Serial Number 742  Atlanta, GA  PIC

Eric Von Bastian   Serial Number 752 Sunnyvale, CA  PIC

Francis Mariani    Serial Number 991   Los Angeles, CA  PIC

Scott McGovern    Serial Number 1000   Marlton, NJ  PIC

Dan Pacheco    Serial Number 1220  Rocklin, CA

Joe Senigaglia   Serial Number N/A   Los Banos, CA  PIC

Karl Last   Serial Number N/A  Buckley, WA  PIC

Takeman   Serial Number N/A  McHenry, IL  


That's 14 out of 1253, or 1.19 percent !


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Those That Didn't Make It...