Sheena's 18th Birthday Party!

Lookout, She's Legal Now!

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  Why are you smiling? Ok, where's her other hand at? Mmm...chicken... Me So Horny! Somebody needs to clean that fuckin' window! And this is the back of my hair... You guys can rent a room from me for $20 bucks. So who's cake is this? Oh, it's mine?!? Shit! Get Back! I said get back! Shit, I don't need no spoon! Centipede Rocks Man! Yes, I know I'm sexy...  There's a bug on my finger! Is there a bug in my mouth? Hey, who has my bra! Oh that's right, I didn't wear a bra... God Bless America, and hurry the fuck up in there! Is there a bug in my nose? Did somebody say CHEESE? Mnum, Mnum, Good! Whatcha doin'? Come on Sheena, let me have a bite! Peace Out Kevin! 100_1255.JPG (182782 bytes) Hey, I see that finger young lady! Aww, how cute... Excuse me while I take this call...

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