Sheena's 18th Birthday Party!

Lookout, She's Legal Now!

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Charlie's Angels Yeah, we'll kick your ass and look good doing it! Wanna Play Strip Pinball? Pinball Wizards Charlie's Devil's Uh, girls, the camera's over here... Action Shot! Hey Sheena, look into the camera lens! Is the camera on yet? Can I have another shot? Nope, cause I just drank it! I love you man... How cute! Is that a present for Sheena or what? Nice Hit! Pong Ping anyone? Look, An Angel! Don't EVER use super glue as a hair spray! What the hell is Kevin lookin' at? It's not that funny, damn girl! I wanna play too! Is that Beethoven? No, it's Bach! From Above... Bootylicious Nice pants... Dancin' Dancin' Peace out! To our father And the holy ghost... Is there a bug in my hair?

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