Prepare To Qualify!!!

Pole Position Restoration Details Below

The only Pole Position Upright Multikit in the world with a brake and gas pedal! Also has the cockpit metal racetrack sign and ALL NOS parts including the entire NOS Steering wheel assembly, the entire NOS shifter, the entire NOS gas pedal and NOS brake assembly. NOS dash board, NOS control panel overlay, NOS dash sticker, and a NOS backdoor sheet. Over 50 NOS Parts installed. Has both Pole Position 1 & 2 boardsets easily swappable through the coindoor. Both boardsets were repaired by Mark in the UK with all new sockets, and the battery replaced with NVram to hold the high scores for ever. Both ARII boards were recapped, also new TIP32's and LM305's. The sense mod was also done on both. The power brick was repainted and has new fuses holders, new fuses and a new bridge rectifier. I tapped into the +5 and Ground on the harness and ran it to each of the test point tabs on the CPU and Video boards as well. This is swappable with the edge connector when changing boardsets. A hand made Cowl Induction system with 2 new fans was constructed to keep the boardsets cool. A fan was also placed into the backdoor for better circulation. This keeps the inside of the cabinet at a relatively cool 90 degrees. A donor Pole Position cab supplied the back door, the wood piece above the back door and a small piece by the gas pedal. A new monitor was installed and a new cardboard monitor bezel was made. New speakers, new marquee light bulb, new ballast, new starter, new T-molding, new easy slide leg levelers, new power cord, new coin mechs, new coin door light bulbs, new red plastic coin eject buttons, new Atari logo's, new locks, new nuts & bolts & screws were also installed. The marquee and glass bezel are original and in excellent shape. The side art is nice and complete with a few scratches here and there. All metal parts were nylon bead blasted and repainted black. A power strip was installed inside the coindoor to power the fans, the monitor, a small nightlight to help see when swapping the boardsets, and the main power for the game. This has been a 4 year project and has cost me more than I care to admit. Oh well, what's done is done. I'm just glad that Pole Position is still such a great game and a blast to play. Gotta Love It!